Innovation model

Gonvarri´s innovation model breaks with the already existing management systems, which has been an important success story for the way in which we work and think.

Product innovation

Responds to the new mobility and electrification challenges.

We know that innovation is essential to keep our competitiveness in the market and therefore we develop products of very high added value, for Auto, Road Steel, Solar Steel and Storage Systems.

Processes innovation

New technologies for operational improvements.

The incorporation of new technologies, such as Additive Manufacturing, makes it possible to improve our production resources.

Within this context, the acquisition of the majority of the shares of the company “Addimen” should be noted. This company specializes in Additive Metal Manufacturing and possesses SLM technology. Through this acquisition, Gonvarri can include this new activity into its service portfolio.

Gonvarri 4.0

Digital transformation becomes a main driver for Innovation

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