Innovation allows us to develop competitive products, access new markets, and increase added value to our customers.

Innovation model

At Gonvarri we understand that adaptation to the new context is a key factor. For this reason, we have created a new, more agile and flexible Innovation Model, in which various ideas and initiatives focused on the responses the market requires in the short, medium and long term.

Product innovation

The general tendency of the OEMs is focused, on one side, on ¨mobility¨ solutions (car sharing and electric cars) which include, apart from the product, services as a means to provide the final customer with a service, rather than just a commodity by itself.

For this purpose, we have focused our endeavor to define the Value Chain of new materials in the auto sector, specifically in the development of composite material lines (CFRP and GFRP).

Process Innovation

Oriented at the implementation of new processes as well as the improving of existing processes, to improve quality or productivity.

Gonvarri 4.0

The project Gonvarri 4.0 is a strategic element in the Company with specified drivers in quality, efficiency and safety.

To develop the pilot project, the Gonvauto Galicia plant was selected for its high level of operational efficiency. A multidisciplinary team was put together, led by the Innovation team, which counts with the collaboration of various technological providers.

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