With more than 25 years on the market, Gonvarri offers its clients integral solutions:


•   Cable Tray Systems – Built-in Ladder Frames, gutter systems, and pipelines
•    Buss Enclosure Systems
•    Structural Systems
•    Pipe Fasteners
•    Software for Cable Trays

Production Processes

Our 23,000 square meters plant offers state-of-art technology for building warehousing systems. Our first priorities are the welfare of our employees, ensuring the quality of our products, optimizing our processes, and caring for the environment.
Our  high quality standards, covered under ISO9001-2008, we have been able to secure certifications under international norms, such as NEMA VE1-2009 and IEC60439-2, and the accreditation of said norms, thus complying with “Technical Rules for Electrical Installations” (“Reglamento Técnico de Instalaciones Eléctricas – RETIE”).
Thanks to our productive processes, we can offer our clients different types of materials and finishes for cable tray systems, such as those that are heat galvanized, as well as powdered electrostatic paint, and the zinc plating duplex system (galvanization + powdered paint), including stainless aluminum and steel, depending on the environment to which the product would be subjected.


Our team is composed of qualified and committed individuals who can best advise our clients in both the domestic and international markets, while focusing on innovation and excellent customer service.


We have a large network of both domestic and international distributors, offering our clients excellent and timely service.

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