Profitable growth

Since the beginning, Gonvarri has experienced huge growth and diversified to a global level. Gonvarri is now present in 24 countries with a total of 44 functioning plants, 22 distribution centres and/or offices and 1 plant under construction.

Our production capacity, both in finished products as with new products, has increased in 2018, through investments in different plants of the Group.

It should be noted that the acquisition of the Constructor Group, which began in 2017, was finalized in early 2018. The group operates under the brand “Gonvarri Material Handling”, and is one of the main European providers for the engineering and manufacturing of storage solutions.

Furthermore, the new automotive plant “Steel&Alloy Popes Lane” was inaugurated this year, the additive factory “Addimen” was acquired in Bilbao and the “Canrena” plant in Sweden, which will be incorporated in Gonvarri Material Handling. Finally, we are building a new plant “Nitra” for the Auto division in Slovakia.

Balance 2018

Gonvarri Industries continues to advance towards the objective to increase its international presence and to create value in the communities it introduces itself in. This is possible thanks to a positive balance and adequate financing.

Economic results:

・ Economic Value Created (EVC): 3,617 million euros.

・ Economic Value Distributed (EVD): 3,743 million euros.

Besides, Gonvarri Industries faced different risks which derived from the market situation in the countries it operates in, which have not had a significant global impact on the yearly results due to its diversification over different markets.

Supply Chain

At Gonvarri Industries the process of purchasing, hiring outside services, the corresponding approval and management of suppliers is performed on a centralised basis for large volumes, through the Steelmaking Purchasing and Non-Steelmaking Purchasing Departments. All other small-scale purchasing and procurement is performed at the local level at each facility.

In 2018, the total expenditure on suppliers amounted to 2,601 million euros, 71% of which corresponded to local suppliers.

Information security

We will establish the necessary mechanisms to safeguard the privacy of information and the protection of customer and supplier data, and to manage and treat documentation in accordance to its level of relevance. In order to strengthen security, information security procedures are periodically revised, and the security systems are continuously tested to ensure their rigorousness.


Compliance Model

The development of the new “Compliance Model” is aimed at improving the tracking, measurements and control mechanisms for the identified risks. In 2018, as a part of this project, the Compliance Committee was established as the Delegate Body of the Board of Directors responsible for the Model’s application and revision and for the Management of the Ethics Channel.

The project is jointly led by the Internal Audit area, the Compliance Committee and the different areas of Gonvarri to update and prepare the Internal Regulation applicable to the Model.

Its implementation is carried out in phases. It began in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2019, including all design and continuous improvement, diffusion, management, training and supervision processes.

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